WebCOSY 5.1a5.1a

Through this page you can enter the WebCOSY website. It allows registered users to submit COSY decks and to work on problems in their classed. This is meant to be a service for participants in courses that use COSY.

If you would like to become registered for this service send your request for an account to webcosy@webcosy.pa.msu.edu.

A small introduction to the system is here.

If you have questions about WebCOSY, COSY or the homework problems in general please feel free to discuss these at our new forum with the graders and other students.


If you are already a registered user of WebCOSY you can access the main part here. Please enter only letters and digits. Spaces will be deleted.

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WebCOSY 5.1a 5.1a

is created by Jens Hoefkens (with contributions by Lars Diening). If you encounter any problems with these webpages, please send a short bug report to webcosy@webcosy.pa.msu.edu.