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Welcome John Doe!

You are currently logged in using the account given in the next line. Please make sure that these information are correct and if there is any error please correct them (You can reach the appropiate page by pressing the "Change User Data" button at the end of the welcome page).

Login: demo
Real Name: John Doe
Email Address: webcosy@webcosy.nscl.msu.edu

Below this text you will see a button and a select menu that show you all the groups you are currently registered in. You can select exactly one of them and press the button to submit or view an assigned problem. Your choice will influence what kind of options you get later. So for example suppose that you are a member of the groups A and B and that there are assigned homeworks A1 and A2 in group A and B1 and B2 in group B. If you check group A in the list you won't be able to submit neither B1 nor B2 in the upcoming pages. For this purpose you would have to go back to this page later (it will be referenced as "Welcome Page" in the upcoming pages).

At the bottom of this page you find three buttons. The first one is labeled "Change User Data" and clicking on it gives you the opportunity to change your personal data (like email Address, password and name). The second one allows you to switch to the "Expert Mode". If you click on it you will see all the pages without the built in help texts. On any page you will be able to switch back to "Help Mode" by clicking on the appropriate button at the bottom of the page. The purpose of the last button should be obvious.

WebCOSY 5.1a 5.1a

is created by Jens Hoefkens (with contributions by Lars Diening). If you encounter any problems with these webpages, please send a short bug report to webcosy@webcosy.pa.msu.edu.